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RK Heating & Cooling, formerly All Climate Services,
has over 40 years' experience.

About Us

From a young age, one could find RK Heating & Cooling owner, Josh, tagging along the side of his Pop fixing everything from small engines to HVAC units and everything in between. Josh’s desire to learn how things operate began at a young age which led him to Universal Technical Institute near Chicago, Illinois, as a young man.

Working on a variety of sites, Josh discovers his passion in the HVAC world, creating Refrigeration & Kitchen Solutions (RKS) in 2016. Refrigeration & Kitchen Solutions, a commercial service company, quickly became a well-known service provider in the St. Louis Metro and surrounding areas, making RKS the #1 Pizza Oven repair company in two states.

As the RKS client base and reputation as a one-source service company grew, RKS began to work on light commercial mechanical systems, which transitioned seamlessly into offering residential HVAC services.

In 2020, RKS acquired a St. Charles County-based HVAC Residential company. This company brought over 25 years of experience and customers to the newly formed sister company, RK Heating & Cooling. In 2021, a second residential HVAC company was acquired in St. Louis County, bringing over 35 years of experience to the team.

Today, Refrigeration & Kitchen Solutions and RK Heating & Cooling’s, professionally licensed & trained technicians serve the St. Louis Metro, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Lincoln County, Warren County, and Mid-Missouri areas.

We work hard to keep you cozy in our den.

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